Marcus Müller  

Geschäftsführer at Hirth Gesellschaft m. b. H.

I got to know the team of tecXcon with Michael Schilling as a competent and sympathetic group, who are meeting you on an equal footing. Together, problem definitions are methodically broken down into smaller pieces to figure out how the customer is ticking and what it needs, without trying to force one into a standardized model. The team is distinguished by a good network, from whom I was also able to benefit, and thus found new partners for the implementation of projects. Thanks a lot!



Robert Hutter  

CEO at FireStart

tecXcon is a great team, which knows how to tackle modern technologies at the right end and integrate them into value-adding processes. "The proof of the pudding is in the eating", as the motto says and which is their devise, and despite the pragmatic consulting set, the team never loses the focus to turn individual projects into a conclusive overall strategy for the customer. We are happy to partner with tecXcon and are looking forward to the cooperation.




Veronika Ettinger  

Marketing Manager BU Fertilizers Borealis AG at Borealis AG

I got to know Mr. Schilling during a lecture and was immediately impressed by his inspiring competence in terms of his questions towards digital transformation. He and tecXcon have been key drivers in the beginning of the Digital Journey in our business segment.



Stefan Pfeffer  

CFO at Microtronics Engineering GmbH

tecXcon around Michael Schilling brings creative, tailor-made solutions for the customer. The needs and current status of the companies are analytically classified and shown. This is the perfect strategic foundation for deciding the path to the future and the right supporting technology. As a result, tecXcon is a good partner to accompany this process.



Daria Moshkina  

at WU (Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien)

tecXcon is a digital consulting company founded by the experts with a strong background in the business transformation field that have a great desire to implement new approaches in the competitive consulting industry. Its vast and profound expertise supported the empirical part of my bachelor’s thesis in the field of business process management and I really enjoyed connecting theoretical frameworks with some real-world expert insights. Many thanks!