Internal tecXcon Meeting

 2018-12-03 19:46:03

The 21st of September was the day: the members of the tecXcon team that has grown so swiftly lately would finally get to know each other in person. Team tecXcon (nearly complete) had decided to work on internal growth and find out more about each other. If you only use Skype or WhatsApp for daily communication, it is quite important to exchange thoughts face to face now and then.

An agenda was sent out beforehand to make sure that we could prepare ourselves. Even our tecXcon Swiss partner joined us to work on and develop the vision of tecXcon and the strategies for the years to come.

Friday night we arrived and checked-in at tecXcon house near Krems. This was followed by dinner that we prepared together as a team. Later we collected the aims and assignments for the next day as well as the first impressions of tecXcon and its meaning to all of us.

To bring the day to a pleasant end, we strolled to the Donauwarte to go over the already talked-about topics under the starry sky and to collect strength to start into the next day with full power.

A presentation of the aims and visions of tecXcon by Michael Schilling and Dietmar Stefl, the two founders of tecXcon, was the first point of our agenda on Saturday. The main focus lay on the idea of the path we will follow the next years. We are all motivated and dedicated, so we collected our ideas and points of view to make sure we do everything to support tecXcon’s growth.

After a short break in which we enjoyed fresh self-made lunch served by our hobby-chefs, we used the following hours for various analyses. On the one hand we discussed the possible risks and challenges, on the other hand we created a client’s persona and noted down the “gains and pains” on numerous post-its – the colourful characteristic of tecXcon. Furthermore, we used the time to determine internal processes and structures to offer a profound basis for further growth.

Saturday evening was met with a feeling of exhaustion and satisfaction, everyone has a clearer idea and knows their next duties, which have to be worked on energetically to continue our story of growth - not only in Europe, but worldwide – following the motto

              “We let good things grow.”

We would like to say thank you to all the helpers who cared for the culinary delights and who made the meeting special with what they DID.