DiTecBau— A pilot project for construction companies.

Together with ecoplus and the FH Joanneum University of Applied Sciences, the program “DiTecBau” helps companies in the construction sector to master the challenges and the new opportunities of having digitalized services and new technology processes integrated in the companies. Digitalization shows many different aspects and possibilities for companies to make best use of the current developments and given benefits. The goal is to provide participating companies a comprehensive understanding of changes through digitalization and be a leading partner towards a success future involving digital-oriented services and processes to best use this learned knowledge within the organization.

tecHouse— where new ideas are born.

The tecHouse, located in the famous danube region of Austria, called “Wachau” shall present a new way for entrepreneurs to not only co-work but also co-live and create new ideas together. The tecHouse lives with and from its visitors and residents and is opened for everyone and everything, such as:

  • Seminars and workshops

    Spend some productive and also relaxing time in the tecHouse together and develop visions, strategies while reflection those new thoughts and ideas on a short walk through the wonderful region above Krems.

  • Students

    If you have a vision or/and idea in regards of the digitalized area, and want to work on it plus if you are looking for a dormitory place in Krems, you can send us your CV and idea to tell us why you are the best candidate to move into the tecHouse today!

  • Visitors

    For an uncomplicated, opened accommodation in Krems to get to know young potentials and innovative-driven experts from the close region.

SME DIGITAl— the Austrian Digitalization Initiative for SMEs

We proudly announce that we have the official certification to be one of the digital consultants for the program of the Austrian Economic Chamber in cooperation with the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs. This program provides a comprehensive support for the digitalization trends and related opportunities, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises.

The SME DIGITAL program offers:

  • Free online status check
  • Free potential analysis
  • Consulting + 50% bonus
  • Training for enterpreneurs and employees + 50% bonus

For more information:


Benefits for your company:

  • The best talents from México for your coding work packages and ready to join your team.
  • Tailored Project Management and software development to your requirements.
  • Variety of talents from our talent pool (soon to be working in a tecCampus in Guadalajara to allow growth of creativity and productivity).
  • Quality standards and IP rights guaranteed.
  • tecXcon development plan to integrate Mexican talents into your coding team.
  • Use the different time zones to your benefit.
  • Contract with tecXcon GmbH located in Austria and full transparency and legal framework.

Consulting and Training


tec (technology) X con (consulting)

With our visionary thoughts, we bring new perspectives into a problem. Thanks to our pragmatic solution competence, we guarantee an implementation-ready added value for your organization.


Offered for companies, schools, universities, seminars or congresses.

Together with you, tecXcon will discover opportunities in the digital world and find the right answers according to your individual needs.

Project Management

  • Project implementation of innovation and technology projects to enhance your position and competitive advantage.

  • Transformation projects to optimally support the digital transformation in your organization.

  • tecXcon offers innovative approaches and approaches in addition to classic consulting approaches.

  • Currently we are working with a prestigious Swiss law firm specializing in business law, tax law and public law to help them introduce a new important software system.


The role of digitalization in our today’s business world:

Digitization does not only mean having a modern website, being present on social media, rather being involved and having the benefits of digitalized services integrated in your company. There are so many benefits such as overhead costs reduction or improved response turnaround times.

In today’s growing age of cut-throat competition, businesses need to have an edge for the survival of the fittest, and tecXcon helps with the technology and digitalization part!

Becoming and being digital as a challenge – let us support you on your journey towards a brighter and digital future!


The tecCafe in Kampala offers you:

  • A relaxing atmosphere and comfortable ambience while enjoying newest and fast technology at affordable prices.
  • Spacious interior inspired by love of letting good things grow.
  • Focus on supporting women and children in their development of IT skills.
  • Healthy delicious and international food combined with a great variety of coffee and special dining experiences.
  • International weeks showing different aspects and involving the knowledge and engagement from the whole tecXcon network.

Education for women and children in IT

With our tecCafe and the connection to the Internet, we want to give women and furthermore children the opportunity to get better educate and have more opportunities for possible jobs in the technology sector. We will provide workshops and special events to make the topic more interesting and enable a place for interaction and a room for learning from each and together. With our provided facilities we want to give new opportunities and chances through a better education.

IoT and long-term vision

We believe in constant development and improvement of technology services, and especially in developing countries we want to help the community to make use of those opportunities. Our long-term vision together with our excellent network of for example a variety of tecPartners is to make use of the Internet of Things evolvement to ensure quality for all stakeholders, have a fully transparent supply chain, and give European companies a significant reason for investing in Uganda.