Digitalization in everyday life

 2018-12-03 10:39:02

Hello everyone! This is my first blog as a tecScout, so firstly I want to apologize myself in case that you find something that is not perfect in here, I promise I will be much better as time passes by! The topic that I decided to address, for me was highly interesting, because I think that if the technological processes involved in it are exported to different segments, the change in daily life would be amazing!

The reality is that digitalization has impacted the way we used to do things. Now, almost everyday issues can be conducted through a mobile device with internet connection. I recently moved to Madrid, and I am super amazed of the way in which technology interferes in my daily operations.

In Madrid, life is just easier. Why am I saying this? Since the first day that I moved here, I realized that technology was taking a step ahead on making everything more convenient for the people living in Madrid, with the aim of going over the big distances within places issue. Some years ago, the metro, bus, taxis, etc, were the preferred options. However, nowadays there are much more available options to solve the mobility issue!

I will tell you about my favourite discovery here in Madrid! It is the amazing application of ECOOLTRA scooters! I grew up in a small town in the north of Spain, and I got my scooter driving license when I was 15, so I spent the whole adolescence going to one place to another by scooter with my friends. Every time that I think about scooters or I see one, a lot of nostalgic emotions come to me and I just feel happy about it.

Imagine my face at the very moment that I discovered that here in Madrid, I could have a scooter as well! But how? Well, ECOOLTRA motorbikes are electric vehicles, which is highly beneficial for the environment and the whole population in general, especially in big cities such as Madrid where pollution is constantly increasing. The funny thing about ECOOLTRA, is that just with an application, you can immediately see where is the closest ECOOLTRA scooter. The thing that astonished me the most, is that just with the application, you can unlock the scooter, open the seat, and start the scooter! Furthermore, if you forget to put the helmet inside the seat again or someone tries to steal it, is not possible, because the application sends an alert saying something like “is not possible to finish your journey, the helmet is not on its place”. Isn’t it amazing that technology is able to control that type of processes?

For me, it just made my life easier. Sometimes there is so much traffic, the metro is full of people at peak times, and the best alternative is just to take one of the scooters and ride around Madrid until you get wherever you want to go. Furthermore, is such a funny experience, I had a visit of a relative few weeks ago, and we decided to take one of this vehicles to see the city in a deeper way, so here I attach some images about how the application looks like, and how funny is to have a ride with an ECOOLTRA scooter!

Ecooltra APP:

Ecooltra APPEcooltra APP 

Having fun with Ecooltra; it was a red light and I was not the one taking the picture! :)

Blanca Jiménez García